Thursday, September 4, 2014

Coming Soon...Lots Of Macarons!

Some of my macaron baking supplies. Most important is the bowl of aged egg whites. You need to plan ahead if you are going to make macarons. I've got 24 egg whites in the bowl because I've got 300 macarons to make.

I'm getting my ingredients together to bake 300 macarons for a 50th Wedding Anniversary Celebration this Sunday. My plan is to make six flavors (Lime, Raspberry, Coconut, Blackberry, Lemon and Vanilla Almond), so that there will be a beautiful array of colors on display.

Making macarons isn't a last minute project because you need to use egg whites, aged for a minimum of three days in the refrigerator and brought to room temperature when you are ready to use them.

Also on my agenda is to figure out a way to dramatically display the macarons. I am going to go for a tower effect and try to do it on a budget. There are macaron display stands available online but they are acrylic and cost more than $100. I think I can use the porcelain white cake stands I already own to pull off a similar look. Stay tuned......

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