Monday, September 8, 2014

Macaron Tower

The assembled Macaron Tower on a cart and ready for transportation to the display table. Moving it was a little nerve wracking. Thank you Katie, Ukiah and Elise for helping me!
I'm so pleased that my friends Steve and Gerrie loved the tower of 300 macarons they asked me to make in celebration their 50th wedding anniversary. 
The macarons were going fast when my husband Joe snapped this sweet picture of Steve and Gerrie.
I made the tower myself by stacking cake stands and holding them together with  "UHU tac." Displaying the macarons this way was dramatic and made serving them a breeze. A macaron tower is easy entertaining because no plates are necessary. I didn't even put out napkins, people just picked the macarons up and popped them into their mouths. To help people decide which macaron to choose, I put together a little color/flavor chart.

Actually, the only stressful part of the day was moving the macaron tower out to the display table and I have to thank my friends Katie, Ukiah and Elise for helping me. Moving it definitely wasn't a one person job and I couldn't have done it without them. We put the macaron tower onto a cart and they rattled a bit but they made it to the display table safe and sound.
Katie helping me fill the tower with macarons.

Happy 50th Anniversary Steve and Gerrie! Thank you for your friendship and inviting me be a part of your celebration.

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