Friday, July 12, 2013

Planning Another Wedding Cake

Sketching and planning the cake.

My friend and fellow Wednesday Community Meal volunteer Jeff is getting married later this month and I have the privilege of making the wedding cake.

He and his fiance are so nice and very easy going. I'm going to make a four-tiered cake and a two layer 14-inch cake and decorate them with fresh flowers. This past Tuesday, I put in my order for the flowers (roses, dahlias and mums) at my neighborhood florist.

Last month, the couple chose a few cake flavors to taste and decided upon pumpkin cake filled with dark chocolate ganache and cream cheese frosting. I teased Jeff that pumpkin was more suited for a Fall wedding but he said, "I don't care. We like pumpkin."

Jeff's right. The bride and groom should get what they want and I have to admit, the combination of cinnamon spiced pumpkin and dark chocolate was pretty great and the pumpkin made the cake super moist. Jeff did agree that the extra 14-inch cake should be vanilla raspberry as another option.

My mission is to please the bride and groom.

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