Friday, July 26, 2013

A Dozen Drawers

Eight of my dozen drawers.

I spent Monday of this week assembling and installing my Ikea kitchen drawers. The process got easier after the first few but it still took me nearly a whole day to finish twelve drawers.

I think the hardest part was attaching the rails for the drawers in my 18-inch cabinet since there wasn't much room and I practically had to crawl inside.

Another frustration for me was the poor quality of the screws Ikea provides. The heads strip so easily. At first I thought I could use a screw bit in a power drill but the metal just wanted to shred. I couldn't risk stripping a head so much that I couldn't get it out that in the end I decided I'd just have to suffer through and tighten all the screws by hand.

Now that the drawers are in, I'm happy that the experience is over and excited about the next step - installation of my quartz countertops.

Ikea madness.
It was a bit of a struggle attaching the rails in the small 18-inch cabinet.
Two in, two more to go.
Looking good.

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