Wednesday, July 10, 2013

A Dramatic Day

There was some excitement in the dining room at the Wednesday Community Meal today because of an unhappy and unruly guest who was itching for a fight with a tablemate.

Fortunately no one was hurt and according to longtime volunteer Dave, the hero of the day was another guest who has experience working as a bouncer.

"He knew what to do and quickly got between them and kept them from hurting each other," said Dave.

Nearly all of our guests are polite, kind and appreciative. They enjoy and rely on the weekly meal so when another guest causes problems, it's just as frustrating for them as it is for us volunteers.

We served 317 meals today and had to change our menu multiple times.

Here are a few menu hightlights from today:

*Fresh tuna served in a lemongrass Thai sauce over rice that was donated by Fishpeople Seafood. Thank you Martha for arranging and preparing the special treat!

*Barbecue chicken that was donated by Good Samaritan Hospital and served with roasted red potatoes, roasted tomatoes and just baked biscuits.
Volunteer Ava making biscuits.

A barbecue chicken meal.

*Fresh fruit salad made with organic produce donated by Food Front Cooperative Grocery in Hillsdale.
The fresh fruit salad made by young volunteers Caroline, Bethany and Paige.

*Green salads made with just picked lettuce donated by longtime volunteer Kate who has an amazing garden and is so generous.

It was just one of those days but the positives prevailed.

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