Friday, July 19, 2013

Cabinet Fronts And Sage Advice

My new pantry cabinet.

Lots of space!

The high gloss cabinet fronts still need hardware.

This past Monday, the template was made for my new eggshell colored Caesarstone quartz countertops and I was happy to learn from the template maker that I could go ahead and install the cabinet doors and drawers.

The countertop is scheduled to be installed on July 30 and in the meantime I'm just trying to keep the project progressing and work hard every day.

The foil finish on the cream colored Ikea cabinet fronts has a reflective quality that I like a lot. I want to get all the doors and drawers in for a final look before I chose the hardware. I'm leaning towards chrome Gilmore knobs and pulls from Restoration Hardware but I don't want to be hasty. The finishing touches are important so I shouldn't be impatient.

When details are important and I feel rushed, I always think of my kind high school art teacher Mr. Gaer who advised me, "Learn to take your time and consistently do your best work. You don't want mess up your project at the end just because you were in a hurry to finish."

Mr. Gaer knew me well. I have lots of ideas and get really enthusiastic at the start of a project but I'm not so great with fine details and I like to work fast. It's akin to opening a brand new can of paint and feeling so excited about the color and getting started and then in the end just slopping it on because you want to be done.

I have worked so hard up to this point that it would be a shame to not finish the kitchen right.

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