Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Utilizing The Food We Get

A piece of crispy chicken, a biscuit, gravy and vegetables and rice. We served 361 meals today.

We had a constant line of guests at the Wednesday Community Meal today and in the end served 361 meals.

It was one of our busiest days but we managed because of our dedicated volunteers who know just what to do. 

We served crispy chicken, biscuits, gravy and vegetables and rice in addition to salad, soup and dessert. We didn't have enough cooked veggies to go around so we added them to rice so that they would go farther and everyone would get a taste.

We also had some flats of strawberries from the Oregon Food Bank that were still good but needed to be picked through.

Longtime volunteer Ann did an amazing job of salvaging the good berries and dicing them up for our guests. Looking at them after she worked her magic you'd never know that they had seen better days. With a limited budget, we have to be smart and utilize everything.

Cups of diced fresh strawberries.

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