Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Variety Of Dishes

Many different dishes were served today at the Wednesday Community Meal at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and they were all well-received by our guests.

We rely on gleaned food to help us stay within budget and that means we don't have much control over what we get. We are just thankful to have ingredients to use and always try our best to put them together in a way that is tasty and appealing.

Here are a few of the 257 meals that we served today:
Stuffed chicken with gravy, rice, asparagus, foccacia and strawberries.

Barbecue ribs, rice, asparagus, strawberries and garlic toast.

Mexican chicken over Spanish rice, foccacia and strawberries.

Pasta with sausage and onions, foccacia and strawberries.
 The first dish that went out was the pasta. We made eight hotel pans of it and within 40 minutes it was gone and time to move onto the next item. Rapidly changing what we serve keeps us on our toes and keeps things interesting. We have a wonderful volunteer team and we work well together.
Adding the sausage and sauce to hotel pans before adding the pasta.

There would be no community meal without our dishwashers Bill, Brad, Dave, Steve and Jay (not pictured). With good spirits and a sense of humor they work pretty much nonstop. They are simply the best.

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