Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Cookie Tags

A sweet way to finish off a packaged cookie is with a ribbon-tied gift tag.

Of course you can buy gift tags at craft and paper supply stores but I prefer to make them myself using paper punches. The punches are a one time purchase and with them I can make as many tags as I like. Purchased tags are not cheap.

You can use paper punches that actually punch out the entire tag or you can use punches that add decorative edges to tags you cut.
My two tag punches.
My scalloped edge punch.

I used the latter for my recent batch of Double Decker Bunny Cookies for Easter. I found the scalloped edge punch on sale at Michael's Arts & Crafts for $5.

Here's how:
Get your supplies together — (clockwise from the top) a hole punch, ribbon and scissors, paper for the tag, decorative edge paper punch, ink pen for writing on the tag and a decorated cookie wrapped in a cellophane bag.

Line up your paper in the punch. You can see exactly how the paper is aligned if you check the guide on the bottom of the punch. Be sure to start with an evenly cut piece of paper.

The punch finishes off 2.5 inches of paper at a time.

Keep aligning and punching until you have one entire edge done. Then repeat with the second edge.

Cut your tag to the desired size.

Add writing, a hole in the top corner and the tag is ready to be tied on. To attach the tag, punch another hole in the cellophane cookie bag, thread your ribbon through both and tie a bow.

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