Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Sunny Service

Two super volunteers named Martha side by side in the sunny dining room at today's Wednesday Community Meal. Martha on the left volunteers in the kitchen and is in charge of preparing and serving the soup and Martha on the right works in the dining room, resetting tables and serving.

Diners at the Wednesday Community Meal got to eat by sunlight thanks to a bright and beautiful day in Portland, Oregon.

It's amazing how quickly a sunbeam can brighten the mood and enhance one's outlook. There were lots of smiles in the dining room.

The guests today were treated to a revolving menu that utilized food donated from Good Samaritan Hospital, Phil's Uptown Meat Market and The Oregon Food Bank. To start off, there was meatloaf, then it was onto chicken skewers, turkey, curried chicken, beef fajitas, fish, sweet and sour pork and finally spaghetti and meatballs.
Sweet and sour pork was just one of the meals we served today.

The constantly changing  menu kept our volunteer servers hopping but they were good sports about it, understanding that we simply do the best we can, using as much donated food as possible to help keep the cost of the meal down. 

For dessert today there was homemade marble cake made by volunteer Cheryl and of course there was also soup and salad.
Slices of homemade marble cake ready to be served.

We served 242 meals today.

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