Saturday, December 7, 2013

Colorful Holiday Cookies

Using four colors of royal icing and the easy wet on wet decorating technique, I came up with these bright and cheerful colorful Holiday cookies.

Just choose a cutter (I used a plaque cutter that my sister gave me but any simple shaped cutter will do), mix your icing and decorate.

Here's how:

Choose a cutter.

Roll out and cut the dough.


Outline the cookies with piping consistency royal icing. I used a #1 tip.

Mix your royal icing colors and thin to flood consistency by adding water just a little at a time.

I also thinned some white icing to flood consistency and then got all of the colors into pastry bags fitted with #2 tips and ready to go. With wet on wet decorating it's essential that all of your icings are ready to use before you begin decorating.

Flood a cookie with white icing.

Immediately add stripes of color.

Use a skewer to draw up and down through the stripes to create a chevron pattern. Be sure to wipe the skewer clean with a paper towel after each swipe.

Or, you could just add colorful dots. Cute and simple.

For a tree, outline and fill triangles with green icing. Use a skewer to help blend the icing in the center.

Drop on some red dots for ornaments and add a trunk.

Or you can just add some stripes and swirl them together with a skewer to create a marbled effect.

Or, just pipe on some stripes.

For a cobweb effect pipe squares of alternating colors onto the cookie.

Use a skewer to draw lines from the center of the cookie to the edge. Be sure to clean the skewer after each swipe.

These simple round dotty cookies are cute too. Wet on wet is a fast and easy way to decorate.

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