Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Potato Prepping

Patience and Potatoes: Today's volunteers knee deep in peeling and dicing pounds and pounds of free potatoes from The Oregon Food Bank.

Thanks to The Oregon Food Bank, we had lots of potatoes for our Wednesday Community Meal today. The free spuds helped us feed a large crowd - we served 328 meals - but boy were they time consuming to peel and dice.

I'm thankful for the volunteers who were willing to take on the potato prepping job, it's tedious work and without them we wouldn't have been able to serve hot and crispy potatoes which are always a crowd favorite. and crispy potatoes.

With the bitter cold weather, a piping hot meal is more important than ever. We changed our menu multiple times today to utilize our gleaned and donated food and every single person who came to our door was served a hot meal.
Today's reference list of entrees.

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