Monday, June 3, 2013

Kitchen Wall Tile

I'm still without drywall on my kitchen walls. I'm a few days behind schedule despite working hard every day.

The work is exhausting but what keeps me going is the thought of these pretty blue mosiac tiles covering an entire wall. I purchased the ceramic tiles on and am so pleased with them. I was hesitant to buy something not seen in person but decided to just take a chance and go for it and it paid off.

The bright blue color will be a nice complement to my cream cabinets and white walls. I also love that the blue color varies slightly from tile to tile. I think the color variation adds a lot of interest.

The tiles cost just over $13 a square foot and the shipping was free. I can't wait to have the drywall up so I can get these on the wall.

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  1. Hi!

    I hope you are still accepting comments. I think that these designs are great but you never get the full impact of the tile unless you physically touch it and see it live.

    Tiles truly can dynamically change a room and working with a local supplier is your best option.