Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Making Imperfect Work

Baked chicken, roasted potatoes and fresh fruit.

We served 221 beautiful and well-rounded meals today at the Wednesday Community Meal  using wholesome ingredients that just needed a a bit of attention and care.

We served baked chicken seasoned with herbs and garlic to the first 180 or so guests and then it was onto turkey breast drizzled with a homemade gravy.

Slices of turkey breast drizzled with a homemade gravy.
As a side we served crispy oven roasted potatoes, a favorite of our guests.

The potatoes came from the Oregon Food Bank and were just fine despite needing a slight makeover.

The potatoes came in all kinds of sizes from one to six inches in diameter. And, more than a few had some blemishes. But after a good wash and a bit of paring and dicing, they looked good as new. It just took some time and attention from volunteers Mary, Leah and Ann.


Utilizing the food we get would be impossible without a strong team of volunteers who work well together. Dealing with less than prime produce is doable but it does take effort. It's worth it though because we are saving good and nutritious food that would be a shame to waste. And, perfect is overrated.

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