Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Drywall And Floor Tile

The drywall is up and my new kitchen is beginning to take shape.

The drywall still needs to be taped, mudded and sanded but it's coming along. As soon as the walls were up, I remeasured for the kitchen cabinets just to make sure everything is still on target and happily it is — I don't want the cabinets to fit too tightly into the space, a little wiggle room is necessary.

I'm most pleased with the new area created for my refrigerator. The wall recess was made by opening up a pantry cabinet. Before, the fridge sat against a flat wall, sticking out, looking awkward and when open, blocking the back door. Setting it back into its own cubby will look so much better.

My porcelain tile floor was also delivered today and once again I took a chance by ordering tile on the internet and it worked out. The color is called Stone Age and the tiles are 12 x 24.

My more than 1,200-pound pallet of tile.

I'm going to play around with layout today and hopefully start laying the floor Thursday morning.
I'm going to play around with the layout of the tile for a day or so. Under the tile is 1/4 inch CBU or concrete board underlayment. I used 1/4 inch because I'm trying my best to line up the tile with the wood floor in the entry to the kitchen since I don't want to use a transition piece.

The commercial grade tile will work well for my oft used kitchen and was a deal at $2. 29 a square foot through BuildDirect. I did have to pay shipping though which brought the square foot total up to $3.29, still a deal.

By next week I should be ready to head to Ikea and pick up the cabinets.

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