Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Wired And Ready For Drywall

The walls of my kitchen are ready for some insulation and drywall now that the electrical boxes are up and strung with wire.

My kitchen was in dire need of more outlets and new circuits. I previously had only one outlet over my counter and the poor thing was seriously overloaded. I could only run one appliance at a time plugged into it or I would blow the fuse. For nearly thirteen years I haven't been able to make toast with the coffeepot on.

There also wasn't enough overhead light so I've added three additonal light boxes. Since the walls are open, now is the the time to dream and do it right. Plus, electrical boxes are cheap - single-gang new work boxes are 76-cents each.

The light boxes cost a whopping $1. 96 each. Granted the 12-gauge and 14-gauge Romex wire isn't cheap due to the rising cost of copper, a 240-foot roll of 14-gauge cost me $42.82, but well worth it.

The drywall is coming soon and that will change everything. Then it's onto the fun decorative stuff like flooring and cabinets.

I'm going to save money (about $10,000) by using Ikea cabinets but I'm going to add touches like Italian mosaic tiling and high end knobs and pulls that hopefully will keep the space from screaming - I'm an Ikea kitchen! At least that's my hope.

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