Thursday, May 16, 2013

Goodbye Old Kitchen Cabinets

The wood pile that's taken over my patio.
As of today, all of the old kitchen cabinets are out of the house and in a giant pile on my patio. Tomorrow I'm having a dumpster delivered and I'll attack tearing out the floor.

After tearing out a corner cabinet I uncovered some interesting wallpaper. The house was built in 1928 so it most likely has been there for a while.

Hidden wallpaper.

In other news, my kitchen sink and dishwasher have joined my stove in being out of commission for a while but my fridge is still running albeit in another room.

I'm trying to keep the family happy by telling them to think of it like camping at home but even better because we have indoor bathrooms and can take hot showers.


  1. Ah yes. I recall when we had our kitchen re-done (we are not handy like you, so we hired it out)....refrigerator was in the living room, as well as microwave. We washed dishes in the bathroom sink and/or bathtub. Thankfully we could use the outdoor grill a lot for cooking, but we probably ate out more during those weeks than we did the entire rest of the year. Good luck, I love seeing your progress posted.

  2. Andrea,
    My hope is that you can visit this summer and we can bake together in the new kitchen.