Friday, October 9, 2015

Wedding Dress Cookies

These wedding dress cookies are for a dear friend who is hosting a bridal shower. Decorating them took time but it really wasn't hard.

After applying a base coat of white icing and letting that dry, I painted on ivory icing with a brush to add a lace overlay effect to the skirt and top. I think this technique of painting on thinned royal icing adds dimension and realism to the cookie — Flat white just wouldn't look right.

I then added a ribbon and flower to the waist for interest and bit of color while still aiming to keep the design simple and elegant. I really like how these turned out.

Here's how I made them:

Add a base coat of white icing to the cookies and let that dry completely before moving onto the next step.

Mix up some medium consistency ivory icing and pipe five lines down the skirt using a #2 tip. Also have your brush ready and a small cup of water and a paper towel nearby.

Spread the icing evenly all over the skirt of the cookie and then with long strokes, pull the icing downward to create lines of texture. Clean your brush off periodically to prevent clumping.

Once you've finished all of the skirts, you are ready to move on.

Add a bit of ivory icing to the top of the dress and using your brush, spread it thinly and evenly. I moved the brush in little circles to create texture.

Now it's time to add the ribbon. Using the ivory icing and #2 tip, pipe three lines at the waist.

Pipe two tails of ribbon and using your dry brush, swipe downward and lightly through the center of each of them. This adds texture that mimics the lines at the waist.

Now it's time to add the flowers. Get some thinned blue icing and your scribe tool ready.

Using the scribe tool, drop dots of blue icing to create a flower. 

Keep adding dots until you are satisfied with the look.

Let the cookies dry completely before packaging or serving.

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