Saturday, October 3, 2015

Bat Macarons

A batch of macarons and a black edible ink marker are all you need to create these Halloweeny (is that a word?) bat macarons.

You might think you also need some artistic ability, but that's wrong because trust me, if I can draw a bat, you can draw a bat. To prove it, here's how in four easy steps:
All you need is a batch of macarons, sorted into pairs and a black edible ink marker. Add the bats before you fill the macarons.
Step 1:
Draw a wide "U" shape across the center of the macaron and curve the ends down a bit. Think of making a valley between two hills.
 Step 2:
Draw a circle or a "boulder in the valley" and add two small triangles for ears.
Step 3:
Don't let this next step trip you up because it doesn't have to be perfect. From each end of the wide "U" swoop downward and draw three upside down "U" shapes and connect them by drawing a seventh upside down "U" centered under the circle.
 Step 4:
Use your marker to fill everything in and voila, you have a bat!

An assortment of Halloween party appropriate macarons.

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