Wednesday, June 25, 2014

No Time For Photos

I've never had to worry if I get too busy to take photos at the Wednesday Community Meal because my friends Cheryl and Cindy always snap a few and I just ask them to send them to me. Not today.

It was hands down the busiest day I've ever experienced at our meal and no one had time to even think about taking photos. I attribute the whirlwind day to three things:

 1. It's the last Wednesday of the month when we typically have more guests because their social security is running out.

2. We were short on volunteers. Some of our regular volunteers couldn't come in at all and some had to leave early because of appointments. It just happens sometimes.

3. Our menu was especially labor intensive. We had to use what we had and that meant making spaghetti which is hard to do in large batches. The water takes seemingly forever to come to a boil and the 5 gallon pots are heavy to lift and drain. My friend Bill was a huge huge help in dealing with the pasta. Every time I got a batch (7 lbs. of dry pasta) going, I alerted him and he was on deck to do the draining. I also didn't make things any easier by making homemade French bread so that I could utilize a stash of free flour from The Oregon Food Bank.

On the bright side, the meal was a success. We served everyone who came to our door and the food was loved. I wish I had a picture to show you.

We served 400 meals today and gosh, I'm pretty positive that everyone who helped is ready for a nap.

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