Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Extra Special Salads

Today's salad.

The salads we served today at the Wednesday Community Meal were extra special thanks to some donated gourmet ingredients.

In the salads from Spring Hill Organic Farm we had garden fresh frisee, leaf lettuce and oak leaf lettuce. The Albany, Oregon based farm is so generous and donates weekly from June to September when they are at the Portland Farmer's Market. Spring Hill also gave us bunches of chard that we sauteed and added to rice for a colorful and healthy side dish.
Fresh greens from Spring Hill Organic Farm

To top the salads we had pomegranate seeds donated from Trader Joe's and slices of Trader Joe's Brie  that we picked up at The Oregon Food Bank. The salads were simply beautiful and it was a pleasure being able to serve them to our guests.
A case of Trader Joe's Brie that came from The Oregon Food Bank.

Pomegranate seeds donated from the neighborhood Trader Joe's on NW Glisan.
We served 261 meals today and had to change our entree menu multiple times to utilize the food we gleaned from Good Samaritan Hospital this week as well as the food we had on hand in our freezer.

One of the 261 meals we served today.

Every week we just try our hardest use what we have and serve the best meal possible. It's work, but joyful work, and especially so when we hear nice comments from the guests like this one that was told to one of our servers today:

"Thank you...The lunch was great, everything is great! The atmosphere is wonderful. I finally feel like a human being again."

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