Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Baseball Cookies

These baseball cookies are perfect for summer and a fun design for beginning decorators.

You need just two colors of royal icing to decorate them — white for the base and dark red for the stitching. Making them is a two-day project though since it's important to let the white base coat dry completely before adding the stitching details.

Here's how:

Outline the cookies using a #2 tip and flood consistency royal icing. Let the outline dry for at least 15 minutes before filling them.
Fill the cookie using the same white flood icing and #2 tip. Let the cookies dry overnight.
The next day, after the cookie base coats have dried completely, mix and color the red icing for the stitching. I used a baseball as my guide to get the correct color and got it by mixing red with a touch of black.

Make a template to mark where the stitching should go on the cookie. You'll also need a food-safe red pen.

Lay the template on the cookie and mark with small dots using the food-safe pen.

It will look like this.
Then you just start adding stitches using a #1 tip and medium consistency royal icing.

All done.

Let the cookies dry completely before serving or packaging.

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