Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Pink And Gold Valentine Cookies

I used pink and gold royal icing for my latest batch of Valentine Cookies.

I think the color combination is very elegant and especially like the way the large quilted sugar cookie turned out. Making it took some time but it's not hard at all.

Here's how:

Using a food safe marker, draw a grid on the cookie.

Begin filling in sections that touch only at the corner.

Keep filling in sections.

Once it looks like this, let it dry for 30 minutes.

Now fill in the remaining sections. You may need to use a skewer or scribe tool to ease the icing to the edges.

Keep working.

That's all there is to it. Let the cookie before adding additional embellishments.

I added drops of gold icing at the corners.

I then added a delicate bead border around the cookie by piping a row of small dots.

This cookie isn't difficult to make, it just takes some time.

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