Sunday, February 2, 2014

Double-Decker Valentine Cookie

Just two colors of royal icing and a black food safe writing pen are all that are needed to make these neat Double-Decker Valentine Cookies.

Not all food writing pens are created equally. I have a cheaper set that I bought at a craft store and a more expensive AmeriColor set and the latter is far superior. The AmeriColor  pens write darker and more evenly than the less expensive pens that go on lighter and can look translucent.
My favorite set of food writing pens. They can be found online at Amazon and in specialty decorating shops. You can also buy the black pens separately.

To make these cookies all you have to do cut an even number of large cookies and mini hearts. Outline and fill the large cookies with white royal icing and outline and fill the hearts with red royal icing.

Here's how to add the writing and stack the cookies.

The royal icing on your cookie needs to be completely dry before adding the writing.

Write the word "love" in rows across the cookie. Start and stop at different points in the word so it looks like a continuous loop.

Let the ink dry for at least 30 minutes before adhering a mini heart to the top of the cookie using royal icing as glue. Let the cookies dry completely before packaging.

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