Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Extra Meals To Go

Today's meal of oven baked chicken.

Just some of the extra food we distributed today. We weren't as busy as expected so we offered guests meals to go.

Today we were able to offer guests at the Wednesday Community Meal extra food since we weren't as busy as expected.

It's always tough trying to guess how many people we are going to serve each week, but usually we are pretty close. Today we were way off but luckily on the side of having too much instead of not enough. And those who did come to the meal were very happy to leave with extra food.

One of our regular guests said to me as he was leaving, "Hey Heidi, thanks for lunch, dinner and lunch tomorrow."

Another guest who is from South America said, "I will never forget this place even if I move away. This church is awesome!"

I'm just glad that we were able to distribute everything we made and not let any food go to waste.

We served 233 meals in the dining room and distributed 107 meals to go.

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