Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Utilizing Our Frozen Assets

Changing our menu more than ten times today to utilize food from our freezer meant a very busy kitchen. We have such a great team of dedicated volunteers who all work so hard.
Volunteers Cindy and Karen.

There is much more space in the freezer at the Wednesday Community Meal because boy did we have dig deep into it in order to feed everyone today.

Luckily we had a good assortment of frozen foods donated by Good Samaritan Hospital and Phil's Uptown Meat Market from which to pull - Italian chicken, curried chicken, barbecued chicken, turkey, breaded fish and beef fajitas,  just to name a few.

With not a lot of any particular item, we had to change our menu more than ten times.

We served 333 meals today including soup, salad and dessert. The latter was homemade fruit crisp made by volunteer Cheryl with what else but frozen fruit.

Thank goodness for frozen assets!

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