Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Back To Serving

Volunteer Carolyn with today's meal - oven-roasted chicken, a baked potato, veggies and cranberry sauce.

After a two week hiatus due to both Christmas and New Year's Day being on a Wednesday, it was good to get back to work today and serving a hearty meal to the hungry in our community.

It was also great to see the volunteers and guests again and catch up. Serving the Wednesday Community Meal takes effort but it's time very well spent. I've gotten to know so many wonderful people through volunteering and for that I am very very grateful.

We served 336 meals today of oven-roasted chicken, baked potatoes, cranberry sauce and veggies.

There was also soup and ice cream for dessert.

Besides washing dishes, Dave and Bill helped serve ice cream. We came to the conclusion that the ice cream was donated because it was supposed to be pumpkin due to the color but was missing the pumpkin flavor. So we served a very rare but still delicious orange vanilla ice cream.
And, instead of the usual green salad, we served plates of cottage cheese with roasted pears. The pears were from Harry & David and donated to us from Good Samaritan Hospital. They were so beautiful and crisp but we knew that we should soften them up with a little roasting since many of our guests don't have strong teeth. I sure wish everyone in this country could have affordable dental care. Anyways, we got creative and found a delicious way for everyone to enjoy the pears.

Boxes of gorgeous Harry & David pears. Thank you Good Samaritan Hospital for donating them!

A cottage cheese plate with roasted pears. We added a bit of sugar, vanilla bean powder and butter to them before roasting. Yum!
It was good to see the guests satisfied and in good spirits. One female guest was particularly witty. She told her server, Linda, "I didn't get everything I wanted today. "

To which Linda asked, "what do you need?"

"I want the winning lottery ticket," she answered.

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