Monday, January 27, 2014

Lazy Susan For Cookie Decorating

A dozen cookies on my new Lazy Susan that are all ready to be iced.  I can rotate the Lazy Susan to move from cookie to cookie without having to pick up cookies and risk messing up the icing.

I'm anxious to share with you my new favorite cookie decorating gadget - A Lazy Susan.

The wooden 15-inch Lazy Susan was an inexpensive surprise find on a recent shopping trip to Ikea with my friend Cindy who also decorates cookies and liked it so much that she bought one too.

What caught our attention was that it was sturdy, broad and short (so using it won't add too much additional height to my work station).

I used it for the first time while decorating my most recent batch of Letter Cookies and it proved to be very helpful. I can set cookies on it and rotate it to easily move from cookie to cookie and decorate without having to risk handling the cookies and messing up the icing.

My new gadget will also be helpful with cake decorating. I love that it is short and doesn't raise the height of my work table too much.
The Lazy Susan cost just $7.99 and will also be handy for cake decorating. I even think it is attractive enough to be used as a cake stand or platter for serving.

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