Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Peppermint Candy Cookies

These peppermint candy cookies are festive and quick to decorate which makes them a great decorated cookie choice for holiday celebrations.

 I found the cutter that I used at a local baking shop but it is also easy to find online. Another option is to just decorate small round cookies with the peppermint design.

I really love that only two colors of royal icing are needed to make these cuties.

Here's how:
The cutout cookies before baking. Click here for my favorite tried and true cookie recipe.

After baking the cookies, get your royal icing ready. You need flood consistency white and small amount of red icing. Place each of the icings in pastry bags fitted with #2 tips.

Outline and fill the circle center of the cookie.

Immediately pipe eight short red lines around the circle. This is wet on wet cookie decorating so it's important to work fast and work on just one cookie at a time.

With a scribe tool, toothpick or skewer draw through the lines going in a spiral and working towards the center of the circle.

It will look like this.

Decorate all of the centers of the cookies.

Outline and fill the wrapper sections of the cookie. Use your scribe tool to move the icing to fill in the gaps and evenly distribute it.

One down and more to go!

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