Friday, December 18, 2015

Spongebob Character Cookies

I have a soft spot for Spongebob because I have lots of fond memories of watching the cartoon with my girls when they were little and hearing them laugh and laugh.

So when the opportunity came up to create Spongebob character cookies for a very sweet soon to be 5-year-old, I couldn't resist.

These cookies were all made with ordinary cutters you probably already own, a square, a star and a circle. The decorating does take some time because it's done in layers that need drying time in between.

Allow yourself two full days to make them — One day for baking and base coating and one day for the detailed decorating.

Oh I hope Avaieya has a wonderful 5th birthday party and enjoys sharing these cookies with her friends.

Here's how I made them:

Day One
These are the cutters I used.

Make and bake your cookies.

Outline a Spongebob cookie with yellow icing.

Immediately fill it in with more yellow icing.

Use a skewer or scribe tool to evenly distribute the icing and give the cookie a gentle shake to help the icing settle.

Immediately drop on random dots of a very pale green icing. I mixed the color by adding just a drop of moss green to some of the yellow icing.

The dots will settle nicely into the base coat.

Do this for all of the Spongebob cookies and set them aside to dry.

Now it's time to tackle Patrick. Outline the star cookie with pink icing.

Immediately fill in the cookie with more pink icing.

Use your scribe or skewer to evenly distribute the icing and give the cookie a gentle shake.

Also set these aside to dry.

Now for Squidward, outline the round cookie with ivory or white icing.

Fill it in and set it aside to dry.
Day Two

Pipe two rounds on the Spongebob cookie using medium consistency white icing. Repeat on all of the cookies.

By the time you've added the rounds to all of the cookies, they should be dry enough to then outline them in more white icing to connect them in the center. Also add a bit of yellow for Spongebob's nose. Repeat on all of the cookies.

Add two drops of yellow for his cheeks.

Draw on his mouth using an edible ink marker.

Add two small drops of white for his teeth. Repeat on all of the cookies.

Set these aside to dry and move onto Patrick.
Pipe two little white eyes and let them dry completely. Then when the white icing is dry, add pupils, a mouth and eyebrows with a black edible ink marker.

Also mark the top and bottom of his pants and add a little belly button.

Fill in Patrick's pants with green icing and set him aside to dry.

By now Spongebob's eyes should be dry enough to add his pupils. Draw on circles with your edible ink marker.

Fill in the circles with blue royal icing. Set him aside to dry.
For Squidward, I used the edible marker to sketch his face shape onto the cookies. You could also do this by making a template that you could trace.

Start filling in his face but leave the lower nose portion open.

Add two drops of white icing for his eyes. You may need to use a skewer or scribe tool to help manipulate the icing into the correct oval shape. Set the cookies aside to dry.

Now it's time for some Spongebob final details. Use your black edible ink marker to outline the eyes, nose, teeth and add eyelashes. Also draw a black pupil in the center of each eye. Use a red edible ink marker to make a few dots on his cheeks and add a squiggly line on his chin.
To finish off Patrick,  pipe some purple blobs on his pants. I also added a little dot with the black marker in the center of his belly button.

Patrick and Spongebob are done!

Now it's time to pipe Squidward's nose. Piping it on after the rest of the face icing has dried adds some nice dimension to the cookie.

Add Squidward's pupils using dark maroon tinted icing.

Work up to this point on all of the cookies.

Mix up some teal icing and using your scribe tool, drop random little dots on Squidward's forehead.

Do this to all of the cookies and let them dry.

Now for the final details — Use your edible ink marker to outline Squidward's face, his nose and his eyes. Also add a mouth and a few lines on his forehead.

Now Squidward is done too!

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