Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Musical Cookies

These Musical Cookies are for the celebration of a very talented friend of mine.

I could have used piping consistency icing to add the musical notes and symbols but because I needed to make a lot of cookies it was essential that I simplify the process without skimping on the design.

My solution was to use a black edible ink marker and it worked like a charm not to mention, I'm sure I had a lot more control in adding the design.

One tip I can offer is to practice drawing the musical notes and symbols on paper before adding them to the cookies.

Here's how I made them:

Outline your cookies with piping consistency white icing and let it dry before moving onto the next step.

Fill the cookies with flood consistency white icing and let this dry completely before moving on. Don't skimp on the drying or the pressure of the edible ink pen will crack the icing.

Practice drawing your designs on a piece of paper and then go for it. I must also mention that not all edible ink markers are created equally. In the photo is an edible ink pen from "Yummy Art" and it didn't work as well as my pen from AmeriColor which had a finer tip that was easier to control and the ink was less translucent.

Cookie closeup.

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