Wednesday, January 7, 2015

First Wednesday Community Meal Of 2015

This is the very first meal of 2015 that we served today  — Glazed Chicken, Rice, Green Beans and Roasted Pears.
 The first Wednesday Community Meal of 2015 went off without a hitch and it was so nice to be back and reconnect with my fellow volunteers and the wonderful people who join us for lunch each week.

With it being the first of the month, we weren't too busy (we served 220 meals).  Those who did make the trek to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral for the free meal were treated to hearty, nutritious and delicious food — glazed chicken breasts (donated by Good Samaritan Hospital), Smithfield Smoked Ham (donated by a Trinity parishioner) and pork sausage (donated by a Trinity Parishioner).
The chicken we served came from Good Samaritan Hospital. The hospital donated the raw chicken breasts and then we season them with salt, pepper and herbs and baked them in a 350 degree oven. After baking, we tossed them in a light gravy to help keep them tender and moist.
Alongside the proteins, we served green beans, rice and roasted pears. The pears were donated by The Oregon Food Bank and they were flavorful but a little on the tough side so volunteers Andy and Nancy sliced them, tossed them with a bit of sugar, cinnamon, vanilla and butter and roasted them until they were soft and caramelized. They were soooo gooood and a hit with both the guests and the volunteers.
Smithfield Ham with Green Beans, Rice and Roasted Pears. The high end ham was donated by a Trinity parishioner and loved by our guests.
 Volunteers Leah and Andy assembled today's salads and they were full of crisp greens and colorful vegetables.

Alongside each salad was a piece of just-baked focaccia that we made using whole wheat pizza dough donated by Trader Joe's. We spread the dough out on a greased sheetpan and topped it with a drizzle of oil,  kosher salt, Italian herbs and mozzarella cheese and then baked it until it was golden brown and the cheese was bubbling. Seriously, who can resist warm bread?

Today's colorful salads with a side of warm focaccia.
It's fun getting creative with surprise ingredients and creating treats for our guests. It makes you feel good because you are making people happy and saving perfectly good food from going to waste.


  1. Amazing and your crew are just amazing. I thank God for you.

    1. Oh, that is so nice of you to say. I feel so blessed to be able to volunteer. I really do look forward to Wednesdays when I get to be among so many nice people. It's work but it's so satisfying.

  2. It was really good and everyone seemed to enjoy it. Here is something that might interest you: