Friday, November 8, 2013

Fall Cookies For Sale

These double decker Fall cookies topped with acorns, leaves, pumpkins and pears are going to be for sale at the Trinity Artisan Fair this weekend.

I really like how the gold scalloped edge looks on the base cookies and it really wasn't hard to do. The most important thing when piping a contrasting colored edge is that the piping icing be thick enough to hold its shape yet soft enough to settle and not leave peaks. It's always a good idea to practice piping onto a plate first.

Here's how:
Bake cookies.

Using a #1 pastry tip and piping consistency icing, add your border. Let the icing dry a bit before flooding the cookie.

Flood the cookie and use a skewer to help ease the icing into the edges.

Wait for your icing to dry and then use stiff royal icing to glue your decorative cookies on top. Let the cookies dry completely before packaging.

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