Saturday, October 26, 2013

Candy Corn Cookies

For Halloween I prefer to make mini decorated cookies because I can get more than 60 with just one batch of dough and let's face it, it's better to share smaller-sized sweets this super sugary time of year.

One of the easiest mini Halloween cookies to make are these candy corn cookies. I used a 4-inch round cutter to make them by simple slicing the round into eighths.

Only three colors of icing are needed and the cookies can be decorated all at once.

Here's how:
Cut a 4-inch round of cookie dough.

Cut the round into fourths.

Cut the fourths in half and bake.

Ice the bottom third of the cookies with yellow royal icing.

Immediately add a layer of orange icing.

Finally add white icing at the top and that's it. These cookies come together amazingly fast.

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