Sunday, February 7, 2016

Striped Double Decker Heart Cookies

I've been working hard for weeks now, making a wide variety of decorated cookies for an upcoming fundraiser to benefit The Wednesday Community Meal.

But after looking at my completed cookies yesterday morning, I realized there was definitely something lacking in the assortment. There were no cookies for the guys! Valentine's Day is for everyone and I needed to create a more masculine cookie option.

So that's how these striped double decker heart cookies came about and I couldn't be more pleased. Although they were easy to make, I think they turned out quite striking and prove that simple can be super cute!

Here's how I made them:
Make an equal number of rectangle or square base cookies and small hearts. Outline and fill the hearts with red royal icing and set them aside to dry.

Mix up flood consistency white royal icing and a small amount of flood consistency blue icing. Place them each in pastry bags fitted with #2 tips. Working on just one base cookie at a time, outline and fill it with white icing.

Use a scribe tool to evenly distribute the icing and give the cookie a gentle shake to help it settle.

Starting in the center, pipe a blue stripe and about 1/4-inch below pipe another one.

Keep adding evenly spaced stripes until you get to the bottom of the cookie.

Rotate the cookie so you can more easily add the remaining stripes. At least for me, working down is more comfortable than working up.

Add the stripes. It takes a few minutes, but they will all settle into the base icing for a flat look.

Set the cookies aside to dry completely and be sure to reserve a bit stiff icing for adhering the hearts.

Once the base cookies are dry, pipe a bit of stiff royal icing onto the back of a heart cookie and stick it to the base. Let them dry completely before serving or packaging.

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