Thursday, September 17, 2015

Six Pie Edges

While making my very first apple pie of the season with crisp Hood River Jonagolds (Thank you Cindy for telling me about your PTA's apple sale!),  I thought, "Why not use this opportunity to demonstrate some different ways to finish of the edge of a pie?"

Adding a little enhancement finishes off a pie nicely and for me, is really my favorite part of making one.

So, I do know that this apple pie looks a little crazy but making it served a greater purpose. From basic fork indentations to extravagant layered leaves, here's how to create six different pie edges:

Edge #1
Use a fork to press indentations along the crust. This is a classic pie edge and so easy to do.
 Edge #2
Use a table knife and your thumb to create a scalloped edge. Place your thumb on the edge and use the knife to pull the dough inward alongside it and repeat around the entire pie.

Scalloped edge close-up.
 Edge #3
Use a teaspoon to indent arch marks along the edge. Make a large indentation and a smaller one inside it and continue around the pie.
 Edge #4
Use scissors to cut slits along the edge, about 1/2-inch apart. Then lift a slit up and skip the next one, repeating around the pie.
 Edge #5
Cut mini leaves out of pie dough using a cutter and then use the tip of a table knife to mark veins. Leaf cutters are easy to find in baking stores, especially now, right before Fall.

Layer the leaves around the crust, using a touch of water as glue.
 Edge #6
Cut  even-sized strips of pie dough, about 1/4-inch wide. It's okay to work in sections so you don't have to cut strips long enough to reach around the entire pie.

Put three of the strips together by pinching them at the top,  and braid them.

Brush a bit of water on the edge of the pie and place the braid on it. Use a knife to square off the ends and then keep adding braid segments around the entire pie.

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