Wednesday, September 30, 2015

A Place For Everyone

As I was working in the kitchen today, I caught a glimpse of four guests in the dining room chatting and laughing as they ate together at The Wednesday Community Meal.

 I could tell they were really having a good time together and it made me so happy. It was a reminder that our free weekly meal at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral is about so much more than just the food — though we did serve roasted pork, enchiladas and Key Lime bars for dessert!
Roasted pork, rice and roasted summer squash and eggplant.

Enchiladas, chips and roasted zucchini.

Key Lime Bars.
Spirits need nourishment as well, and friendships and fellowship are essential for our well-being. Belly-laughs are very good for everyone!

When you are homeless, it's nearly impossible to find a place of joy, a place where you are welcome to stay.

Think about it, if you had no home, where could you go and not be told to leave?

It's a problem in our community and elsewhere that needs addressing. Those without a home, they are real people, not statistics, and they need our care and attention.

I know the Wednesday Community Meal is just a once a week band-aid for a much larger problem but it at least helps. The meal is a place for everyone.

We served 437 meals today and everyone who came to our door was greeted, seated and treated with kindness and respect.

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