Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Putting In Long Hours

Today's hard working kitchen crew included Sierra, Ian, John, Suzanne and Zane.

By the time lunch is served at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral's Wednesday Community Meal, a group of volunteers have already put in nearly four hours of work,  preparing the food, setting up and washing dishes. By the end of the meal service and cleanup, a handful of volunteers have worked more than seven straight hours. 

It definitely takes a strong team of dedicated volunteers to pull off the everyone is welcome free meal each week and I'm grateful for every single one of our volunteers. It's work but it's joyful work because we are feeding nice people and hopefully making a difference in their lives.

One kind guest came up to the kitchen window after the service today and said, "Hi, I've been enjoying this meal for years and I thought it was about time that I said thanks."

We served 277 meals today. Most of the guests got oven-roasted turkey and gravy over rice and then we moved on to serving fritatta filled with zucchini, potatoes and sweet peppers and finally sauteed chicken over quinoa. Everyone who joined us was also offered soup, salad and dessert.
A roasted turkey meal.

The last guests we served today got sauteed chicken over quinoa.

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