Wednesday, August 19, 2015

A Hot And Busy Day

Volunteers Scarlett and Isla Blue helped in the hot kitchen today.
I need to thank all of the Wednesday Community Volunteers who came in to work today. It was a very busy day, we served 379 meal during our two hour service, and with the temperature outside being in the high 90's, it was extra hot and uncomfortable in the kitchen and dishwashing room. Thank you wonderful volunteers for pushing through!

Our poor guests were hot too. When we opened our doors at 11 a.m., there was a long line through the courtyard of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, going all the way out to the sidewalk on NW 19th Avenue.  Everyone was anxious to be able to come inside, eat and cool off. And, I'm pretty positive they especially liked the cold lemonade we served. 

Longtime regular volunteer Ann who has been helping since 2008 was constantly busy mixing and pouring lemonade into pitchers and she was diligent about putting ice in all of the batches so it would be nice and cold for our guests. Small details like adding ice, make a big difference and it's what we are all about at the Wednesday Community Meal — We strive to do our best to treat others the way we would want to be treated.

Most of the guests today got entrees of roasted turkey breast and gravy with sides of green beans, watermelon and rice that we tossed with sauteed kale and chard. Adding the veggies to the rice was a good way to utilize the fresh chard and kale that we gleaned form Spring Hill Organic Farm and also a good way to sneakily improve the diets of our guests.
Today's entree —  The watermelon was gleaned from The Oregon Food Bank and the rice is from Good Samaritan Hospital.
Gleaning from New Seasons Market this past Monday. All of the desserts we served today came from our haul from the newly opened store on NW Raleigh.

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