Thursday, April 9, 2015

Surprise Silver Macarons

The thing about macarons is that the color of the batter changes during baking. It always lightens, but by how much varies, depending on the color, brand and how much of it you've used.

It really is a gamble to get the color to turn out how you want and this can be frustrating, especially when you have a very specific color in mind.

To be honest, I've rarely gotten the exact color I've aimed for and sometimes I'm disappointed and sometimes I'm pleasantly surprised,  like today, when my blue macarons magically turned silver. I'd never thought of making silver macarons before but I like them a lot.

I used a new gel coloring, Wilton's Delphinium Blue, and they went into the oven fairly bright blue and came out silver, not grey, but gleaming silver. 
The color that will get you silver macarons.

Piped macarons ready for the oven. I had no idea these would change so much during baking.

A side by side comparison of the batter and the baked macarons.
I didn't know I wanted silver macarons but I do! These will look beautiful displayed with my Gardenia Cookies at this Saturday's Billie Holiday Alternative Liturgy.
Finished silver macarons for the Billie Holiday Alternative Liturgy on Saturday. I filled them with a lightly sweet mixed-berry buttercream.

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