Saturday, April 4, 2015

Bunny Cookie

The bunny on this cute little cookie was made by simply dropping dots of icing onto a wet base coat and then manipulating the drops into a bunny shape using a scribe tool. Please don't be intimidated by this design. It's much easier than it looks.

Here's how:
You need a scribe tool, toothpick or skewer for this cookie. This is my favorite PME scribe tool.

Have your base icing as well as the icings you want to use for the bunny mixed and in piping bags. All of your icings should be flood consistency. Outline and fill your cookie.

Immediately add two dots of icing for the bunny — a larger drop for the body and a smaller drop for the head.

Use your scribe tool to manipulate the shape of the bottom drop for the body. I pulled it down to create a straight line at the base.

Add two small drops of icing for the ears and use your scribe tool to pull them upward to make them longer and add points.

Add a drop of icing for the tail.

Put a drop of pink flood icing next to where you are working and use your scribe tool to touch it and then touch it to the bunny's face to add eyes, a nose and color to the ears.

I also added a collar.

And, I added a few dots on the front of the bunny. Because this decorating technique is done freehand, you won't get perfectly identical bunnies, but that's what I kind of like about it. Each is a little work of art!

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