Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Spring Break 2015

My nephew Sam and daughter Eleanor have been volunteering since the start of the Wednesday Community Meal. I really appreciate their willingness to get up early during their spring break and work with me.
Thank goodness Portland area students are on spring break this week because we really needed the extra help of our young and energetic volunteers who come in to work whenever they are off from school.
High school seniors Zane and Sam helping to plate meals. Zane has been volunteering since he was in middle school.

We served 432 meals during our two hour service today, the busiest we've been since the summer.

Luckily we had good help and good food and the meal was a success. Most of the guests got homemade meatloaf, baked potatoes and pickled cucumber as their entree. We also served roast beef, corned beef, beef stir-fry and chicken cutlets.  Everyone was also offered soup, salad and dessert.
The first meal served today was roast beef, rice, roasted vegetables and pickled cucumber.

Many guests came by the kitchen window today to say "thank you" for what we do. It's towards the end of a month that's been exceptionally cold and rainy and it's clear that in addition to the food, our guests greatly appreciate the warmth of our dining room and the hospitality of our volunteers.

Regular volunteers Steve and Martha paused for a quick picture in the dining room. There was a nearly constant line to get in to eat today and the dining room was bustling.

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