Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Like Clockwork

Before today's lunch service, volunteers Bill, Jay and Dave even had time for a doughnut break which is a major perk of being on the Community Meal's ace dishwashing team.  Every Wednesday morning,  Dave makes the trip to nearby Coco Donuts for his team's sweet sustenance.
 It was one of those days at The Wednesday Community Meal when there wasn't any scrambling or stressing and everything just came together quickly and easily.

By 10:15 a.m., nearly a full hour before service, we were way ahead of schedule, with all the entrees prepared and in the warmers ready to go. The ease with how things were coming together actually made me feel a little superstitious. I thought, this is too easy, something's going to go awry. Thankfully, it didn't.

Because of our amazing volunteers and who knows, maybe a little luck? — It was smooth sailing throughout our entire service. We served 255 meals today.

Leah and John made all of the gorgeous salads we served today.

John and Leah made croutons using sourdough bread donated by Ken's Artisan Bakery. John did the slicing and Leah did the seasoning. These just need some toasting and then they'll be ready.

The finished salads.

We had to change our entree a few times today but the first hundred or so guests in the door got cheesy pasta and meatballs.

Dessert today was cake donated from Baker & Spice Bakery.

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