Monday, August 18, 2014

Teapot Cookies

I just returned from a fun trip to Victoria B.C. with my daughter Eleanor where we splurged and enjoyed high tea at the Empress Hotel. It was a memorable experience that Eleanor and I made last more than two and half hours by eating and sipping very slowly.
Eleanor at high tea at The Empress.

At the Empress gift shop we came across this cute set of teapot cookie cutters and Eleanor encouraged me to buy them by sweetly saying "Mom, you should treat yourself."

I'm glad I did because when I use these cutters I'll fondly remember our trip together.

To decorate the teapots I outlined and flooded the cookies with white royal icing and then let that dry completely before painting them using gel food colorings and a bit of water and lemon extract as thinners.
My painting supplies.

For more tips on how to paint cookies click here.

When I first started decorating the teapots, I tried to get too literal and realized I don't have the artistic ability for that. I especially had a hard time trying to add the space between the handle and the teapot. In the end I decided a simple flower decoration was the best I could do.

Here are pics of my teapot failure and closeups of the simple flower designs:

I just wasn't able to figure out to add the air space between the handle and the teapot. So in the end I scrapped my initial idea making a detailed teapot. A simple flower design was all I could tackle.

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