Wednesday, August 13, 2014


We served 400 meals at today's Wednesday Community Meal but we should have served 401.

Just as we opened our doors, I received the sad news that my friend Sue had passed away.  Sue has been an important part of the meal since the very beginning — We always held a special table for her and her friends, right in front of the kitchen window.

Every Wednesday she would look into the kitchen for me and I would look out into the dining room for her and when we made eye contact we would smile and wave at each other. Sometimes I would find time to run to the dining room and give her a hug and visit for a bit. I deeply regret that I didn't take the time to give her a hug and visit the last time I saw her.

Below, I'm reposting my blog post from October 3, 2012 in honor of Sue. I miss her and will never forget her. She has a special place in my heart.

Forming Friendships:

 My favorite table of friends. Clockwise from back right - Sue, Gideon, Peggy, volunteer Dan, Billie and Marilyn. Today I asked Sue what she liked best about the meal and she said, "it's the people here and the variety of food you serve."
The Wednesday Community Meal enriches lives. It connects people in our community and as a result many friendships have formed.

Someone I'm so pleased to have gotten to know is Sue.

Every Wednesday, I look forward to seeing Sue and her group of friends sit and eat at their reserved table right in front of the kitchen window.

Sue has a warm personality and lovely smile. She always goes out of her way to greet me and simply makes my day.

I also enjoy seeing her and her friends visit and enjoy the social aspect of the meal.  Sue reminds me of the importance of friendship and that it can be just as nourishing as food— I'm blessed to know her.

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