Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Great Gleaning

Desserts gleaned from New Seasons Market.
Just like last week, had lots of good luck with our gleaning for Trinity Episcopal Cathedral's Wednesday Community Meal and were able to keep our costs low.

Thanks to three local businesses, today's dessert course was well covered. From the New Seasons Market on NW Raleigh, we got brownies, cupcakes, tarts, and cakes; from the Trader Joe's on NW Glisan we got pies and cheesecake; and from Ken's Artisan Bakery we got chocolate chunk cookies and an assortment of buttery pastries and tarts. 

All of the soup and entrees we served today were courtesy of Lift Urban Portland, Good Samaritan Hospital, Phil's Uptown Meat Market and The Oregon Food Bank. Because of their generosity, our guests today got treated to sliced pork, leg of lamb, chicken, salmon, crab cakes and as a side, tortellini that we baked in a cheesy red sauce and topped with oven roasted tomatoes.

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral purchased the ingredients for the salads that we served. 
An entree of sliced pork, tortellini and green beans.

But that's not all, as guests were leaving, we handed out bananas and the cutest little red delicious apples that our gleaners picked up from The Oregon Food Bank. 

Our gleaners picked up a case of these cute red delicious apples from The Oregon Food Bank.
Thanks to the work of our gleaners and volunteers and the generosity of our community partners and Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, we served 277 meals today.

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