Wednesday, July 15, 2015

SPARKS Volunteers

The great SPARKS volunteers who helped us today, Jack, Sadie, Robyn (camp director) and Brooklyn.
We were fortunate to have the help of teens attending Trinity Episcopal Cathedral's SPARKS Community Service Camp at today's Wednesday Community Meal. This is the fourth year the campers have volunteered with us and as always, it was a wonderful experience. 

The campers were enthusiastic about helping and got right to work, serving in the dining room. They did a great job and also enjoyed lunch alongside our guests.

We served 305 meals today and had a full dining room for most of our two-hour service.  We changed our menu multiple time to utilize food gleaned from Good Samaritan Hospital, Phil's Uptown Meat Market, The Oregon Food Bank, Pizza Schmizza, Baker & Spice, Ken's Artisan Bakery, Grand Central Bakery and Starbucks.

The first guests got frittata, then there was enchilada casserole, beef stir fry, hot turkey and cheese sandwiches, beef curry and finally pizza. We had the perfect amount of food, just enough for everyone who joined us. 
An enchilada lunch.

A beef curry lunch.

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