Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Enchilada Casserole, Pork Roast And Baked Potatoes

Those who made the cold and rainy journey today to Trinity Episcopal Cathedral for The Wednesday Community Meal were treated to enchilada casserole, pork roast and baked potatoes.

A roast pork and baked potato meal.
The enchilada casserole was what we served first and is always one one of our most popular dishes. Today we made it with some extra creativity. We alternated layers of flour tortillas and a filling made with refried beans, black beans and cheese from our pantry and cooked corn and shredded chicken gleaned from Good Samaritan Hospital.

What we didn't have for our casserole were any cans of tomato sauce or tomato paste to make an enchilada sauce. This is where the creative part came in, we used the only tomato product we had on hand, ketchup, and it worked like a charm. I now know that by just thinning ketchup with water and adding chili powder, cumin and garlic powder you can make a darn good enchilada sauce.

Using what we have and turning it into something new and delicious is the part of cooking I love most. It's a fun challenge for me.

After we served the enchilada casserole, we moved onto roast pork and baked potatoes which were also very popular.

Louise, one of our regular guests said to me "Heidi, I have a complaint about the baked potato. There wasn't enough of it."

There is just something so comforting about a hot baked potato cut open and topped with real butter. It was very good medicine for the miserable weather.

We served 252 meals today.


  1. Heidi:

    Seems very familiar:

    I witness the same things in a somewhat different form every Wednesday at Trinity.

    1. Yes, very familiar. Thank you Andy for sharing this.