Wednesday, May 14, 2014

A Perfect Day For A Picnic

Volunteers Ann, Kate, Leah, Nancy, Teri and Davis took on the task of slicing 15 large watermelons for our picnic in the courtyard of Trinity Episcopal Cathedral.

An art show was being set up in Kempton Hall today where we usually serve the Wednesday Community Meal so we had to move our operations outside and we couldn't have asked for better day to do so.  The 90-degree weather was perfect for a picnic.

Trinity Episcopal Cathedral and volunteers Cheryl and Dave Richardson provided tents for us to use to create cooler shady areas for those who didn't want to be in direct sunlight. Our wonderful volunteers were troopers and arrived with hats, sunscreen and sunglasses, ready to work.

Working with Dave, volunteers Jay, Bill, Kevin and Steve (AKA, our ace team of dishwashers) set up tables and chairs under the tents so that guests would have a nice place to sit and enjoy their meal.

Having the meal outside was fun for a change and I heard many positive comments. My friend Louise who I enjoy seeing every week and is quirky, but in the best possible way, said, "Heidi, I've got to tell you, this is pretty great." I can always count on Louise to be honest and provide constructive criticism. Last week she told me that the roasted potatoes were a tad undercooked and she was right.

During our 2-hour service in the sun, we served 516 meals of all-beef hot dogs, chips, watermelon and homemade chocolate chip and oatmeal cranberry cookies. For vegetarians we served hot cheese and tomato sandwiches.

To drink there was ice cold lemonade, sparkling cider and tamarind soda. The latter was donated to us and was so good. It was crisp and not too sweet.  Many of the volunteers, including myself, were curious and wanted to give it a taste. Volunteer Ann said she thought the tamarind tasted similar to apple and I agree.

We also served coffee and had an assortment of condiments for hot dogs on all of the tables. 

Here are some more pics of our meal courtesy of my friend and fellow volunteer Linda B.
The tents were a huge help in keeping everyone cool.

We served 516 meals today.

The coffee and drink station manned by Dean, Dan, Mary and Linda.

Another shot of the drink station. Dean and Dan served coffee and Mary and Linda served the ice cold drinks. We have the best volunteers who work hard and just go with the flow.
The kitchen crew stayed busy preparing hot dogs. Nearly 400 were served in just the first hour. Whew!

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