Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Spring Break Helpers

Elise, Kayla and Eleanor were on dessert duty today. They dished up ice cream and made pudding.

It was a really busy day at the Wednesday Community Meal.  So we were lucky to have extra help from some energetic students who are on Spring Break.
Zane prepped potatoes, sliced pears and made the vegetarian option of the day using beautiful big mushrooms gleaned from Food Front Cooperative Grocery in Hillsdale.

We served 454 meals during our two hour service. We changed our menu a few times today but most of the guests got homemade enchilada casserole as their entree. Of course we also served soup, salad and dessert.

The enchilada casserole that was the main entree of the day. Ava helped make and serve it.
Colin served dessert in the dining room.

Thank you Zane, Ava, Elise, Colin, Kayla and Eleanor for helping us out. I really appreciate it!

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